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Stop with the political bs

Too much political bs jokes. Its social media, I get it, but seriously? I still cant believe everything I sent to friends was with "trump would deport this joke" because iFunny automatically added it to the tag. Disgusting.

Ifunny is not worth it

Too many problems

Cant even finish a paragraph

Was explaining someone something and couldnt even finish the paragraph because it just cut off like th

Best App

Best comedy app if you weed out all the cringe stuff, good big fixes.

Make more user friendly.

It crashes a lot, like a lot and posting stuff can be hard especially if its a long post, the app will quit on you often and no one seems to be trying to fix that.

One of my favorite apps!

Great app. Only reason I wanted to write a review is because you just made a change to the app the I absolutely hate. The constant refresh, if I click on a comment, a profile it automatically refreshes and I lose my place and even the comment I was viewing. Please change it back! Update 12/9/16 The bots are out of control. Every time, every feature. It wasnt as bad when they were just randomly spread out in the comments but now its every top comment! You better do something soon Ifunny it will be your demise. Im giving it a couple more days and Im uninstalling the app.

Funny as hell

Funny as hell

Not even iFunny anymore

A long, long time ago, the iFunny Nation was peaceful. That is until the Ads attacked. One ad LITERALLY STOPPED MY MUSIC FROM PLAYING.

Log out bug

Every time I open the app, switch from features to collective, features to popular, or vice-versa, I get logged out and its pissing me off. Fix this bug chef


They some broke boys

Posts wont show up in tag system.

I love using iFunny. Im almost on it everyday day, and I have fortunately been able to gain over 430 subscribers since I first started. However, what helped me get those subscribers was iFunnys tag system. It has recently stopped putting my posts in the tags I assign them to. Ive tried using less tags, using less popular lags, waiting a while before trying again, and even deleting and re-downloading the app. None of these methods have helped. Because of this, Ive went from getting an average of 20-30 likes (sometimes even hundreds if Im lucky), to just 2 or 3 likes at best; despite having over 400 subs. But besides this, I havent had any other problems with the app and enjoyed using it. Could you guys please fix this in iFunny V? Thanks!!! -FusionHa|iFunny

Takes up storage

I have a 5c with only 12.83G of storage, and the app took up to 25% of it. Most of the features are stolen/from the same people. When adding tags to posts, the app will sometimes freeze and crash. Other than that, it is good.

The ads

The ads are ok because they dont take up a bunch of space but then you have those random pop up ads where it just gets annoying after a while.

Too many F-ing ads!!!!!

This app is still funny but it has too many ads, and my app is crashing a lot.

Liberal cry babies

Electing a billionaire as president was a great move! Just be iFunny stop crying about the election

Needs a real update

I like memes a lot so i use ifunny daily but desperatly needs an update and ad some stuff like messaging or the ability to upload videos up to like a minute long and not have to use instagram and also needs an update to the meme maker section and comics to add newer memes like spongegar

Share Feature

The most recent update made me very sad because they did the opposite of what I wanted them to do. When you share a picture trough text message, it used to send the picture and then it would have text underneath it to send which consists of nothing but a not-funny joke and a link to the post on the iFunny website. I always delete the text because I am just trying to share the image in a convenient way for my friends to see it. I hoped in a future update they would only include the picture you want to share and get rid of the text underneath it, but the most recent update GOT RID OF THE PICTURE that youre trying to share and now you ONLY SEND THE TEXT. When I want ti share something with my friends it comes with a confusing joke and then a link that they ignore. Nobody ever sees what I am trying to share and I just want to spread the iFunny joy to others :(

Wow iFunny wow

Great app but it randomly signed me out and I cant get back on my account because I guess I had two accounts with the same email and it signs me into my old one that has nothing on it and Im not going through it all again

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh boooooooooiiiiiiiiiiii harambe

Im triggered, love you harambe my dood R.I.P

Great App just something minor

It is really good app just try not to feature the same thing over and try to feature new users, everyone deserves a chance.

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